YIKES! That dry spell could SERIOUSLY cost you your health

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You might have a solid reason to not engage in sex;maybe you just took time off to focus more on yourself and your welfare or you may belong to the larger and more relate able group whose reason to not .Either way there’s no judgement whatsoever. Your body certainly goes through some changes that are visible and both emotional. We’ve heard so many stories of what happens to your body.Some are myths others are factual effects.

Here is what actually happens to your body:
1.Your sex drive fizzles.

Sadly,it’s proven that once you get off sex for a while,your sexual hunger dwindles and reduces to a point where you are just lazy and unmotivated to have sex.

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2.Emotional mood swings

You most probably will tend to get cranky almost all the time.Why,you ask? Well having sex produces the hormone endorphin which is a stress fighter so the absence of it means you’ll end up feeling frustrated.

3.Your brain grows slower

Fact!It’s scientifically proven that having more sex can make you smarter in old age.Having regular sex improves the rate at which your brain develops.

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4.Cardiac problems

Not having sex as much increases the rate at which one is prone to having heart diseases.Sex involves blood flow which in turn inhibits the production of homo cysteine which triggers heart problems .

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5.Risk of getting sick increases

Sex comes with the benefit of helping fight some infections in your body.Not having sex as much as you should weakens your immune system and makes it more vulnerable.

Well,there you have it ladies!Maybe that solid cold or those fleeting moments of emotions can be cured with a little sexual healing.

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