Why Mitumba underwear can lead you to an early grave

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Most people especially the middle class prefer buying second hands clothes popular known  as mitumba because they are cheap and unique.

But what they don’t know the cheap clothes especially underwear can led them to an early grave.

Most of the undergarments are stained with unknown substances.

Gynaecologists have warned the public against wearing used mitumba underwear, saying doing so, exposed unsuspecting women to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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The debate on the sale of second-hand underwear has remained a sensitive issue, and health experts are saying that it could be a ticking time bomb.

According to  gynaecologist, Felistus Shambare, many unsuspecting women were exposing themselves to all types of diseases, including STIs, by using these second-hand panties.

“There is a high likelihood of getting an STI from wearing or sharing someone else’s underwear,” said Shambare.

“Some bacteria is very resistant and can survive the conditions, long enough to infect someone. Pubic lice have been known to survive the harshest conditions, and are not easily killed. These little parasites can cling tightly to a certain spot and even a general wash might miss them”.

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The medic went on to say that buying second hand underwear is like sharing which is unhygienic.

“It is unhygienic and according to our African culture you cannot share undergarments with someone else,”

Washing the underwear with bleach or stronger solutions is not advisable .

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“It is possible that one might fail to totally rinse out the solution, and whatever chemicals that form part of the bleach might harm the ‘sensitive’ parts’.

It’s safe to have  few brand new underwears than million mitumba which will be the cause of your health problems.





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