Richard Branson shares simple steps to learn swimming skills


Swimming skills are essential for your well-being in terms of safety measures and exercise– to keep fit.

As Kenyans, we are prone to floods whenever it rains creating the need for us to acquire this skill. You can survive at one point.

Business magnate, investor and philanthropist Richard Branson has revealed simple steps he has successfully used to teach hundreds of people to swim.

According to the billionaire, he starts by getting his trainees to put the lower part of their head underwater.

The process is repeated until they have their whole head under and eyes open.

“I then get them to see how long they can hold their breath underwater,” wrote Branson.


Using these simple tricks, Branson has notably trained world leaders like South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The Virgin Group founder posted the swimming lesson tricks on his social media account after training Victor Ochen–a Ugandan leader of the African Youth Initiative Network.


Taking to Instagram, Branson further revealed to his over 3.2 million followers that he developed teaching people swimming after winning a swimming bet when he was young.

When I was a little boy I won 10 shillings from my Auntie Joyce by jumping into a freezing Devon river & trying to swim for the first time. Somehow I survived, and have loved teaching people to swim ever since,” posted Branson.

Here is the video when training one of the key world leaders: Watch!

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