KFCB breaks borders by joining African film agencies at Festival Cannes, France

The Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) boss and some members are proud to be part of the prestigious Festival Cannes in Paris, France.

The festival is the 72nd since it was formed and KFCB has a chance to exchange ideas in promoting the film industry.

The board led by Dr. Ezekiel Mutua acts as moral police in governing the production of film and music in the country.

Ezekiel Mutua is well known for always riding in controversies and attracting media outlets.

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He is famous for saying that the ‘gay’ lions in the park were as a result of gay people visiting the park.

Mutua is also known for banning ‘indecent’ songs and has recently banned the sensational song, Taka Taka.

Attending the Festival Cannes as the first ever African Pavillon, KFCB intends to meet other African film agencies to discuss collaborations in taking the African film industry to the next level.

“KFCB is delighted to be part of the first ever African Pavillon at Festival Cannes and to see the great interest shown by our African sisters and brothers in working together to make film production a rewarding venture that captures the African narratives”.

Kenyan rapper King Kaka also attended the event and boasts as the first Kenyan musician to grace the prestigious event in 72 years.

KFCB intends to break barriers in African countries and promote the film industry.


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