How Jared Otieno Used Old Padlocks to Make fake Gold


Do you know that your padlock can actually buy a state of the art Bentley and a customised Porsche, among other luxuries including multimillion homes in Kileleshwa and Karen?

Yes, that is if your name is Jared Otieno, the biggest gold scammer probably in the history of the world. Let us also not forget how this man paid sh 15 million in bride price. Izo chopper zote zililand Meru ilkua ni kwa sababu ya padlocks sisi hutupa.

Some media houses have described him as a flamboyant businessman, but that is an understatement. Jared Otieno is a genius who conned a Saudi Prince with old padlocks.

Yaani kuna ninja hapo inaijiita Huduma Namba clerk, inalipwa 30k but venye inaringa utadhani yeye ndo Jared Otieno. Success is not all about working hard, it is mostly working smart with your padlocks.

We shouldn’t be fighting this man, we should open a school and ask him to lecture us about survival tactics, hii life imekua ngumu sana and people like Jared can make a huge difference.

Jared otieno entry into meru during dowry payment made a statement,I still can remember that face from the outstanding moment.

Apart from the padlocks, Jared went to Gikomba and bargained for old mallets to make more fake gold. This man is a genius.

We don’t have say on how we are born, but dying poor should be a crime. If you can use a padlock to make millions, then it is time the government started arresting all poor people.

JUST WONDERING…Kenyans condemn Jared Otieno for stealing from foreigners, but they adore those who steal from them.

How come?

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