How Gold Scammer Jared Otieno was Brought Down By Greed and Overconfidence

Flashy tycoon Jared Otieno 'smoked out', luxurious cars seized

‘Mchovya Asali, hachovyi mara moja’ This is a saying from the gods of Swahili, which summarizes the life and times of the biggest gold scammer in the history of the world.

Jared made headlines in October 2015 when he spent 15 million on a flashy wedding that included choppers and high-end cars. Anyang’ Nyong’o and Kiraitu Murungi are among the people who attended the matrimony.

Unbeknown to many people, he had just conned Mr Christian Gallati, an Austrian, of Ksh 13 million in a gold syndicate. It is believed this is part of the money that he spent on the wedding.

In 2015, then Chief Justice Willy Mutunga said that it is time to stop cartels who were doing illegal businesses with politicians.

To justify just how connected he is, a Venezuelan lawyer reported to Parklands Police Station that Jared had conned him of sh 170 million. But the controversial businessman was not arrested. He continued operating with impunity, buying expensive property and luxurious cars.

So why was he arrested on Thursday? After operating with impunity for a very long time, Jared became so confident that he decided to con very powerful Saudi Royal family; MAKOSA

Jared became too consumed with show-off and the appetite to live life on the fast lane. He went on purchase spree buying a customised Bentley worth 45 million and a Porsche worth more than 30 million. But he didn’t know he was messing with the wrong people.

Jared Otieno got lots of cash, in Kenya you can buy judgement as long as you have cash but he must return the gold belonging to the Saudi Princes, hapa hakuna kuruka kamba.

The big question is would he have landed in trouble if he hadn’t been so ambitious? He made a lot of money, si angeanza biashara legit.


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