How Akothee is feeding Turkana people even when she is away

Image result for akothee in turkanaAkothee has taken it upon herself to put smiles on the people of Turkana. Ever since she stepped there, Turkana people have been getting some food and water.

Even in her absence, Akothee has ensured that people in Turkana are well fedย  through a special program she has launched in Turkana

Image result for akothee in turkana

This follows a post that Akothee did on her Instagram page informing that she has volunteers who supply food for Turkana people every Thursday.

She insisted on giving me her National ID she is born 1959๐Ÿค”, I really don’t understand why , but she kept on pushing it into my hands , God give me wisdom ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ they gather here to be given food every Thursday by the church , we have volunteers who cook for them too, kindly make a visit to Turkana in your next holiday and enjoy the culture

Akothee was referring to an old woman who kept on presenting her Identity card to Akothee probably thinking that she had to identify herself before accessing the food.

No doubt that Akothee has a burden deep within herself to take care of a community that has suffered for a long time.

Now she is in Norway, still working hard to put a smile on the starved community.


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