Femi One addresses her ‘love’ for Masauti

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The ‘Pilau Njeri’ hitmaker, Femi One, is well known for her great skills in rapping. She ha left fellow artistes dying of jealous after she revealed her great love for the ‘Kiboko’ hitmaker, Masauti.

During a one on one questions section, a fan asked her of her greatest hit in Kenya. In response, Femi said that her hit, Hiyo One, is her best followed by Masauti’s kiboko song.

The confession comes shortly after she launched her XXV album. The Kaka Empire signed artist doesn’t shy off from commenting on that which doesn’t please her.

In the Hiyo one song, she addressed her disappointments towards Gospel musicians Hope Kid and DK Kwenye beat following their then alleged sex scandal.

She dropped a line saying ‘I am so sick HopeKid Dk’. She said that although it might be self-explanatory or end up being termed as controversial what the two artists did was not good.

“Watu wajijazie but what they did haikua poa! Period,” she said during an interview. Femi one hints that she was trying to pass a message and of course she did.

The rapper adds to the long list of celebrities and other Kenyans who condemned DK and HopeKid after allegations that they had a threesome and one of them ended up infecting the lady with an STI.

On talking about her first hit, Pilau Njeri, where she called out on female rappers, she said that she was pushed to do it because people were talking too much and being disrespectful, so she had to reply.

“Plus, it was a wake-up call to female hip-hop artistes because the industry is so male-dominated and we must rise up and be heard. Many female artistes are lazy. Pilau Njeri was the right move to get people off their backsides,” she added.

Her revelation of having much love for Masauti’s hit comes as a surprise since she had previously said that she does not acknowledge anyone in the industry.

“I know Pilau Njeri woke people up. I know they are headed to the studio right now and trying to score gigs. I had to announce that I reign supreme, to make a statement, to stir the industry a bit and get people on their feet. I want female rappers to be heard more; it shouldn’t always be about the male rappers with us lagging behind,”she said.

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