‘When you get a good thing unashikilia,’ Vivian advises young women

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Talented musician, Vivian once revealed that she was in an abusive relationship with her ex lover. To make matters worse, the ex lover used to kick her out of the house and bring in other women.

In a recent exclusive interview seen by RadioJambo.co.ke, Vivian opened up on the issue adding how grateful she is she made a bold decision to walk away.

She says she opened up about the issue so as to help other men and women going through such to ‘understand that it is not healthy to stay, walk away.

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I have been in an abusive relationship before. The silver lining was that it happened once and I managed to get out of that situation.

People stick to this relationships and they are very unhealthy. I shared my story because I wanted people going through it to understand that it is not healthy to stay, walk away. 

After sharing my story I was able to meet professionals who deal with women who go through abuse and give them counselling. It is happening a lot in Kenya.

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The Chum chum hit maker is a mother to a 9-year-old daughter from her past relationship, whom she had kept under wraps for so long till mid 2018.

Asked why she had kept her from the public eye she said she needed to concentrate on her music career since she was still very in the game.

I was keeping my daughter on a low key because I was new to the music industry I was trying to get my footing.

Vivian also revealed that her fiance Sam West has no problem with her talking to her ex.

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Sam West is a fine young man. We are very honest with each other so he is not problematic that I talk about my ex occasionally because of my daughter.

He (Sam) also has a very good relationship with my daughter.

What attracted me to Sam is he was very ambitious from a young age. He has a lot of ideas and he is very supportive of my career.

When you get a good thing unashikilia.


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