What your 40k Salary can do in this Kenyan Economy


Kenya’s economy is at its all time worst, from the high living standards, to high cost of living, ridiculous prices for everything, it has a coe time where a eagre 40k can just but help you survive the economy wave.

If you’re wondering on what to do,well, it’s really as simple as planning yourself. We understand that the economy is tough and the only way you’re going to survive is by having a budget. Furthermore, you need to save and invest wisely, hopefully these tips will come in handy for you.

1. Cheap rent

It doesn’t make sense to make 40k and your rent is 20k, this is where most people’s salaries go to which is rather stupid. You end up wasting so much money paying money to a land lady/man but you’re not getting anything from it. Get a house in Donholm, Umoja or you get a bedsitter in Kahawa West for nothing more than 10k.

how to manage a 40k salary

2. Shopping

Shopping should be for 3k assuming you’re just adding things to your house. Don’t shop like a minimalist because you may end up spending more while trying to save money. Buy a 10 pack packet of tissue paper instead of 4 or two.

how to manage a 40k salary

3. Just keep your phone bills low by using an affordable network

We suggest you use a network that will suit your budget such as Airtel’s Amazing Data Bundles. With their new package using WhatsApp will be free of charge and there are plans that will cost as low as 10 shillings to 99 shillings for the 24 hour package. There’s also the option of using the 7 day data bundle or the monthly package all with free WhatsApp. Honestly, this will save you a lot of money considering how much money you probably already use on bundles.

4. Transport

It depends on where you choose to live but set aside 5,000 shillings for transport just in case you also have to use a cab at night or when it’s raining.


5. Savings

I would suggest you save 6,000 shillings to really hit your target. Remember when you want something you really need to be focused and also make some sacrifices.

saving habits- Zumi
6. Personal allowance

Your monthly allowance will include your hair, airtime and the stuff you do for yourself plus entertainment. Remember you have everything else covered so you should have about 11k to spend on just you which is not bad, this also covers expenses like medical attention if you ever need medical attention or medicihow to manage a 40k salaryne.

how to manage a 40k salary
7.  Food

Food budget really depends on you, don’t keep eating out and eat meat twice a week which is healthy anyways. See meals under 1k here. Put a budget for 5k a month because food includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

githeri meals- Zumi

The major things you may have to let go of when you’re managing a salary is random entertainment like alcohol. Alcohol and fast foods just take up a lot of money, be wise and don’t be afraid of telling your friends that you’re not about spending money for some time.

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