Uproar as Huduma Namba Clerks Go missing from centers

The ongoing mass registration of huduma namba is finally coming to an end in the next three days. However, the process has been faced with various challenges.

While some Kenyans complain of standing on queues for too long due to the process being slow, some have been charged, whilst others have been asked to buy the forms.

However, some have been waking up early to go to the registration centres only to find the huduma namba agents missing. But where do they normally disappear to?

Well, controversial blogger Robert Alai alleges that whenever someone pays a small fee to these clerks, they normally accept to move and register the person from the convenient of his office or house.

He says most of them are paid Ksh 500 to go and register people from their offices or homes.

“If you have Ksh 500, Huduma Number team will visit your house/office to register you. If your clerks are missing from their spot, know that they have gone to people who paid them to register them,” the blogger tweeted.

Interior Cabinet Secretary on Monday said that the May 18, 2019 deadline for the registration will not be extended. He said the government has so far managed to register 31 million Kenyans, and still hopes to hit the target by the end of the registration.

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