Uproar as Huduma Clerks Resort to Milking Desperate Kenyans

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As the deadline for Huduma registration gets closer each day, so do the queues get longer as desperate Kenyans make a last minute rush to avoid being ‘locked out’ of government services. Interior CS Fred Matiang’i said on Monday that those without Huduma Namba will not get government services because it will be hard to look for physical files.

Matiang’i also said they will not extend the mass registration service because the government has not budgeted for the the extra days. The clerks earn 1000 shillings per day.

It is on this basis that some clerks have resorted to milking desperate Kenyans of their hard earned cash, before they register them to the controversial NIIMS system.

We have received so many complaints that Huduma clerks are demanding for bribes and if you don’t pay, you don’t get the number.

It is not only bribes, but some clerks have colluded with Cyber Cafe owners. When you go to register, they tell you to print the forms from a nearby cyber because they don’t have forms. This means you have to part with some money.

Blogger Robert Alai also revealed that the clerks are leaving their stations, to go register people in different companies after receiving something small.

Alafu pia hawa clerks hawapendi watu weusi. If you go to register and you are light skin, then you will get the number quicker than your darker sister.

Despite the long queues, someone has acknowledged that he registered for Huduma Namba and got the acknowledgement form in less than 1o minutes after parting with 500 shillings.

Sasa kama wanataka bribes sai, what will happen when we start looking for these services? Si corruption will kill this country. Ama let’s just say the country is already dead. Tunangoja tu Mazishi.


This #HudumaNamba is torturing Kenyans. Someone woke up at 4.30am to go and apply. They’ve gone back home 1 pm. And to imagine that all the hustle is for nothing much.


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