KNUT to skip Launch of new National Curriculum Policy for CBC

The  Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) boycotts the launch of the Launch National Curriculum Policy for CBC.

Secretary General Wilson Sossion says the giant teachers union will not participate in the exercise terming it as flawed, lacks legitimacy and with no public participation as is required by the Constitution.

“We shall not be used to validate an illegal policy that is shrouded in mystery. Already the minister says the train left the station. Why engage a reverse gear by asking KNUT to grace launch of CBC policy framework? This ought to have been done before the train left”KNUT’s tweet.

“KNUT shall not be used to validate an illegal Policy whose development surrounded in mystery, recalling that your very office purported to have participated in the development of Sessional Paper No.1 of 2019 on a policy framework for Reforming Education and Training for Sustainable Development in Kenya where you claimed National curriculum policy was included to guide the implementation of the competency Based Curriculum (CBC) reform process in Kenya. Please note that the Sessional Paper Is before Parliament”.

KNUT to skip Launch National Curriculum Policy for CBC

“It is fresh in your mind that it is the same exercise that led to the arbitral interdiction of over 200 teachers for boycotting to participate in the flawed CBC training exercise. KNUT, therefore will not be part of the launch of an illegal policy. The Union looks forward for your office to put in order the curriculum review process before it is too late,” reads statement from KNUT .

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