Huddah reveals she regrets getting tattoos

Socialite and businesswoman  Huddah Monroe has revealed she regrets getting her tattoos.

Huddah is one of the celebrities with a flashy lifestyle and rocks a number of tattoos on her body.The socialite has tattoos on her arm and close to her shoulder and on her back.

The tattoo culture is very common with celebrities and mostly hip hop artists but has narrowed down to fans who get tattoos inspired by celebrities.

Others simply get tattoos to mark memories or for other convincing reasons.

Huddah says that before she got her tattoos, she remembers that someone warned her about it but she did not listen.

According to her, this came to pass and sometimes she regrets. Her advice to other people is for them to always listen to words of wisdom from the elderly.

“Sometimes I regret having tattoos… and I remember before I did them someone told me you’ll regret it 1 day. Believe me, listen when somebody older tells you shit!! That shit will come to pass!” she wrote

There are options of getting temporary tattoos but perhaps may seemingly prefer the permanent ones.

Despite the regrets, Huddah’s situation might not be as serious as getting a lovers tattoo and ending up in a nasty break up.

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