Furious Manchester United manager, issues a threatening message to floppy players after Cardiff debacle

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is said to have furiously told his flops that he aims to get rid of half the team before the start of the next season following the continued recording of bad results the recent one being their last two matches against two relegated side of Huddersfield and Cardiff.

The United boss laid into his side after their humiliating 2-0 home defeat by relegated Cardiff on Sunday, saying they had embarrassed him, the club and the fans.

He actually out of anger cancelled a squad debriefing that was expected to take place a day after and simply outlined the short-term future to them. Solskjaer then said he was prepared to get rid of half the team if he had to because of their attitude.

The said meeting was meant to give room to some of the outgoing players to have their last time moments and say goodbye to their fellow teammates.

And he reminded them that having finished outside the top four they now needed Manchester City to win the FA Cup or their whole pre-season will have to be rearranged.

If Watford is going to win the Cup, United would drop into the second qualifying round of the Europa League. The first leg of that is on July 25 when they are supposed to be playing Spurs in Shanghai on their pre-season tour.

The Ole Gunnar boys had a miserable end to the season taking only eight points from 27 and failing to beat Cardiff or Huddersfield in the last two games.

Despite an initial lift under Solskjaer, the atmosphere by the end of the season was understood to be worse than before Jose Mourinho was sacked in December which is what the manager is worried about considering that they are the same crop of players he had been winning matches when he came in after the ouster of Mourinho.

The manager was again heard saying that it would take a long period for United to begin showing up a competitive state in the Premier League with the recent crop of players and the kind of mentality they are possessing and playing with.

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