Conjestina Allegedly drinking herself away barely months after Rehab Admission

Conjestina Out of Rehab and Drinking Self Back Into Addiction

Former world boxing champ Conjestina Achieng’ has reportedly left rehab and is drinking herself away in chang’aa dens back in the village despite having been admitted to a rehab with the help of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

According to Conjenstina’s mother, her daughter’s health continues to deteriorate and spends most of her days at the chang’aa dens as a result of her addiction.

“It has been hell since Conjestina returned home. She wakes up early in the morning and heads straight to the drinking dens. She returns back very late in the nights, sometimes with serious injuries,” she lamented.

Conjestina had been admitted at Eden House Rehabilitation Center and was released to go home for a two-week break.

Conjestina Watching Boxing Match Between Fatuma Zarika and Catherine Phiri on March 23rd.

According to Boniface Ndirangu, who is the executive director of the rehabilitation facility, Conjestina was only allowed a two-week break and is expected to come back soon.

“It’s been about two weeks since we allowed her to go home, and I think she should be back any minute. She went home with the sister. And at the time, she was stable,” Mr Ndirangu noted.

However, her mom has raised concerns regarding the condition of her daughter and wants her taken back to the rehabilitation center.

“This is not good for her. I pray that she goes back to the rehab and stay there until she fully recovers. Also, it would be a great relief if she gets the job she was promised by Governor Sonko,” she said.

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