Atwoli declares his wealth and Kenyans can’t let him be

He is flamboyant and very vocal, but has anyone known his wealth and the source? COTU boss Francis Atwoli finally declared his wealth.

Speaking during an interview on NTV’s side bar, Atwoli also talked of the source of his wealth. The vocal trade union leader revealed that he has two bank accounts.

He went on to reveal that he owns a Mercedes Benz and a Prado.

He further revealed that he has 2 wives and 17 children.

“I have 2 bank accounts, I have 2 wives, I have 17 children, I have a Mercedes Benz and a Prado,” he said.

On the source of his wealth, Atwoli said that he has been on salary for 52 years and no one should question the source of his wealth. He however said that he is almost retiring and is now in the plans of preparing a new trade union.

Kenyans on twitter however went on to react to his wealth revelation, with some wondering why he saw validation in his two bank accounts, two wives and 17 children.

Some went on to question how the matter was of concern to them.

Here are some of the reactions.


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