Yes you CAN get pregnant while on your Periods

Some if not most women are hornier during That time of the month and others just love the extra lubrication.

Period sex is rarely talked about and the world became vocal about it after Fifty Shades of Grey. That doesn’t mean that a lot of people are not doing it. It helps with the cramps,

So can one get pregnant if they have sex on their period?

It’s unlikely but it can happen depending on your ovulation cycle.

According to OB-GYN Taraneh Shirazian, you can only get pregnant during the ovulation period and that comes before your menses.

“Technically you can only get pregnant when you’re ovulating, which is a 48-hour window each month and should not be happening when you’re menstruating. Ovulation occurs about two weeks before your periods, somewhere in between the 11th and 21st day of your cycle. Your first day of periods is also day 1 of your cycle.”

Still, counting safe days is the worst way to prevent pregnancy because cycles are known to overlap and your ovaries may produce eggs earlier than normal. Sperms live in the female body for three to five days before attaching themselves to an egg.

Those little swimmers have one purpose sweetheart; to create a baby and fate is known to have a pretty bad sense of humour.

Simply put, if you have your menses regularly and decide to have unprotected sex during your periods then it stands within reason that you might just be the newest mom in town.

Another thing, you need to consider is breakthrough bleeding. Some women spot during ovulation, so woe unto you if you confuse it for your periods and have unprotected sex.

The take home is simple ladies, just don’t have unprotected sex if you don’t want to get pregnant.

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