Why Somalia May Open a Fierce Battle with Kenya Sooner than Expected

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The cold-war between Kenya and Somalia could as well tip over should there be no urgent solutions to bring the two warring factions to the negotiations table.

The war which started some time back when Kenya decided to build a wall between it and Somalia is said to have been stopped when Somalia President Farmaajo visited the country and discussed with President Kenyatta.

However, maritime boundaries would later be a hot topic of contention pitting Kenya and her neighbour Somalia.

The issue is still at the International Court of Justice awaiting a fair ruling.

While Kenya believes it has helped Somalia by sending KDF troops to bring relative calm to the war-torn country and has also hosted refugees in Daadab and Kakuma refugee camps, Somalia thinks Kenya is arrogant.

Arrogant in the sense that despite a cease and desist orders on building the Kenya-Somali wall, the Kenyan government has continued with the drive.

Part of Kenya-Somalia Border destroyed by Somalis

Residents of Somalia living near the border fence have in more than one situation vandalized the concrete poles being used in the construction.

This is following a widespread notion that the fence may be sitting right inside Somalia.

The Kenyan government, according to local residents, is grabbing a part of the Somalia land by building the border wall at that particular spot.

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Kenya believes that by building the wall, they will have locked the notorious Al Shabaab in Somalia, thereby reducing the number of terror incidents in Kenya.

Only in January, Kenya lost 21 people after suspected Somalia-trained jihadists stormed a city hotel opening fire on civilians.

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In 2016, more than 200 KDF soldiers were killed by the Somalia-based militants in an early morning ambush.

While Uganda takes most of its soldiers under AMISOM to Somalia, Kenya has consistently taken its soldiers to help the country become stable.


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