This is why your Salary never lasts for the Whole Month

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We know ourselves. For the next 2 weeks after your salary gets in your account, you be balling out; eating at those lavish restaurants, going out for unnecessary celebrations, treating everyone and everything…and then for the last weeks you be so broke you eat sleep for supper smh.

Many people complain that their salaries never last until the next paycheck. However, we all have exactly one month to ensure that everything has been catered for. The reality is, you would rather have money in your bank than have none at all so obviously you need to adjust your budget. You first have to live within your means and follow these rules.

1. Stop eating out 

Yes, some restaurants have great deals but that amount of money you will use can be used on buying veggies and fruits. Cooking every day can be tiring but not if you plan your weekly meal. Maximize your weekend hours by cooking meals like meatballs, beans, lentils etc. Eating out even once a week is quite expensive, think about what you can do with that money.

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2. Buy what you need not what you want

By what you need I mean things like food, water, detergents those are needs. Buy things you can see and learn to buy things on offer. Some supermarkets have buy one get one free which will help. Also, don’t buy things in small bulks, you end up using more money. Instead of buying two rolls of tissue, buy the ten pack, it will last the whole month.

3. Use a matatu instead of using a cab everywhere 

If you don’t have the budget for using a cab all the time then just do away with it. If you have the time, it’s always easier to use a matatu. Alternatively, you can use a matatu until a certain point and if where you’re going is an interior place you can order for a cab which will be much cheaper than doing a whole trip. Don’t be lazy.


4. Have fun-free activities 

Fun-free activities like going to the park, watching movies at your friend’s house or your place. You don’t have to drink to have fun, meet your friends once in a while and hangout plus cook food in the house.

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5. Have a weekly allowance

Give yourself a weekly allowance, that amount should cover your transport, food and airtime. Stick to the budget, you can only start using a bit more when you know you’re almost being paid.

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6. Don’t pay for a service you can do yourself 

Nowadays many people are lazy. Our parents used to wash clothes for 5 kids plus the house but now that’s hard for us. If you wash your clothes weekly plus your house on Saturday’s you pretty much save 500 shillings or more, house helps make sense when you have kids or if you live in a mansion.

Alternatively, you could look for a side job but also remember you should save money. Savings doesn’t have to be an extravagant amount, but when you’re saving a lot you need to tighten your belt, know what you’re aiming for and don’t get sidetracked.



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