The Internet that spoiled everything in the word Daddy

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In our modern times, the shorthand/slang for “father” holds very different meanings. Dads, for example, are the very men who helped bring you into the world, and whom you have genuine (and completely innocent) affection for. Meanwhile, daddies are typically older, attractive men, regardless of how many progenies they’ve spawned. And zaddies are daddies who are almost always down to f*#$k.

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Basically, think of it like this, Dad = nonsexual /Daddy = gets you wet Zaddy = pants already off. Still, it wasn’t always this way. In fact, until not so long ago, “daddy” and its derivative “deddy” were just like “dad” is today — literally one’s father and said with the utmost respect and not the least bit of horniness. And so, for many adults, kicking that usage has been difficult, even with its very modern, very internet-influenced, very not-so-family-friendly connotations.

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You might call your father, “Deddy.” It holds roughly the same meaning as “daddy,” it’s just said more slowly and with more breathiness, like Teddy but with a big D. Its reputation, though, isn’t much better, aside from the incestual overtones.

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So maybe our discomfort with adult children referring to their actual fathers as “daddy” is more of a reflection on us than them.

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