Sudan Retaliates After Protesters Kill Military Officer

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Six people were killed after a major military and civilian battle got out of hand in Khartoum Monday night.

In the incident, at least five civilians were shot dead by a suspected unit in the military known as Rapid Support Forces (RSF) opened fire on the protesters who have been camping at the military headquarters for weeks.

During the confrontation, a military general was also fatally shot, adding the number to six.

Military Head of Intelligence, Huthaifa Abdul Malik, denied claims that the RFS participated in the killings.

Instead, he said that the protesters had been invaded by criminal elements masquerading as peaceful unarmed rioters.

He noted that the criminals were armed and that they have been trying to shoot military officials who are controlling the crowds.

The Sudanese protesters have been advocating for a civilian rule since President Omar Al- Bashir was deposed through a military coup.

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Tensions remain high in the oil-rich country, with the interim military regime promising a more inclusive government.


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