Mejja’s new catchy ‘Chuja Anthem’ promoting sustainability in slums gets massive support

Mejja aka Okwonkwo has used his humor yet again in a cause many Kenyans have applauded him for.

Today, many fire outbreaks in slum areas are caused by the use of unclean fuels such as kerosene stoves and charcoal cooking which has caused widespread cancer. Pollution also remains a big contributor to global warming.

While the education system seeks to address all these issues and aims to bring up generations of enlightened citizens, the people who weren’t lucky enough to receive or complete their education are left clueless and ignorant.

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Using his signature satire and comedy in his songs, Mejja comes through for the regular ‘Mwananchi’ educating them on these hazards. By going to their level and using very regular Kenyan sheng, this petition chose the best person to initiate their cause and it’s bound to reach many Kenyans.

Coco Master Barrack Jaccuzi also makes an appearance in the relatable video showing the dangers of charcoal cooking.

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The track’s release comes in the wake of news bulletins covering fires in different slums and market areas all too often in Kenya.

The campaign running under ‘Chuja Party’ with the slogan ‘Chama Cha Usalama Jikoni. Amua!’ hope to stir change when it comes to using unclean fuels. The anthem is advocating for abandoning charcoal, kerosene, firewood and illegal gas which are considered major causes of disease and death.

Saving the environment and preserving life is a great cause and you can always sign the Chuja Petition to be part of this noble agenda.

Many Kenyans have cheered him on saying that clean energy is defiitely the way to go.

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Chuuuuuuuujaaaaaaaaaahh!! the way to go no doubt

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