Lion of Muthurwa! Here’s Why Wanyama is the best Export Kenya has ever Had

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Have you ever wondered why Wanyama’s glory keeps on shinning? Victor Wanyama has become a household name in Kenya and internationally. Born on 25 June 1991 in Nairobi. Wanyama is a professional football player who plays for the English club, Tottenham Hotspurs, and the Kenya national side, Harambee stars.

Here is the reason why. He is very disciplined and humble. Discipline is always the key to your success. How many scandals regarding Wanyama have you heard of? How many times has he missed training sessions?

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Kenya has some of the best footballers playing their trade in top leagues around the world. One of the greatest export Kenya has ever produced is obviously Victor Wanyama, the first Kenyan and East African to play for the English Premier League, an achievement that I don’t think another Kenyan will ever surpass.

He is set to play for Tottenham in the champions league final against Liverpool which has another Kenyan, Divock Origi. Wanyama has been very impressive ever since he joined Tottenham. From winning an award for premier league goal of the month to aiding his team reach the champions league finals.

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You will definitely never hear of any scandal from the Lion of Muthurwa. You will all conquer with me that most Kenyan footballers’ careers end in misery due to cases of indiscipline. For Wanyama, I have a feeling that even after retiring from football, he will still lead a successful life.

Humility is another factor that has propelled Wanyama to higher limits. He has also managed to keep his private life away from the public eye. You will rarely see him flossing off his wealth as is usually the norm with most footballers.

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