Young men should start freezing their babies before its too late

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Hey millennial man, your sperm has a message for you: You’re not getting any younger, bud, so don’t let me wither away in these soon-to-be old, crusty testes for too long.

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This is why I think more men should start freezing their sperm. In our society, it is acceptable for women to freeze their eggs but I think the idea that men should freeze their sperm should become more prevalent, too. Men are increasingly leaving it later to have children so I would suggest anyone choosing to delay fatherhood should freeze their sperm before the age of 25.

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Now, if you’re a dude who’s at least considering freezing your sperm, you should know that it’s not cheap: According to the sources, the minimum cost of a first appointment which includes setting up an account and storing at least two ejaculates (just in case)  is Ksh 120,100 to Ksh130,000. You then have to spend another Ksh25,000 to Ksh45,000 every subsequent year to maintain the storage of your frozen sperm.

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So is it worth the cost? A majority of men can continue to have children well beyond women of equivalent age. This is because men make viable sperm their whole lives. However, women are limited based on a set number of eggs that they’re born with.

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However, the majority of men utilize their sperm when they’re in their prime, which is a wide range, he insists. To justify all men freeze their sperm as of today hasn’t been backed by research.

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