The New Kenya Raila is talking about exists only in his mind, where he is President, claims Khalwale

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Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has hit out at Raila Odinga after he claimed that the war on corruption that he and President Uhuru Kenyatta has embarked on will bring back a new Kenya.

According to Boni, Raila is not genuine with his words and promises as it is all in his head where he thinks he is president already.

“Having worked very closely with (together with an able technical team of experts) during the period starting mid 2013 and ending on 29th Jan 2018, I can confidently confirm that the New Kenya he is talking about exists only in his mind; where he is President.”

His remarks came after AU Envoy declared that His association with President Kenyatta was not based on tribe and neither do they talk about Luos and Kikuyus but on Kenya’s development.

He further added saying that the war on graft will be dealt with without fear and intimidation.

President Kenyatta has in the recent past declared that he will fight the war on corruption without fear no matter who is in it. This has however brought uproar in the political scene where a group of Jubilee leaders allied to Deputy President William has strongly come against the president claiming that the war against corruption has been a target on one community which belongs to the Deputy President.

This has however created division in the Jubilee ruling party forming Tanga Tanga movement and Kieleweke both supporting the DP and President Kenyatta respectively.


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