Moses Kuria puts off Ruto, Raila and referendum debate

Gatundu South Member of Parliament has attacked both the Deputy President and Raila Odinga at the same time.

Hon Moses Kuria has dismissed the idea which is supported by The Deputy President that the country does not need change. Moses Kuria has stated that the top positions of leadership need to be changed.

The Deputy President had earlier on refuted Hon Raila Odinga’s claims that the country is poised for massive change through referendum.

But Moses Kuria has stated that the country is tired of the outcome of the Presidential Elections after every five years.

On Hon Raila Odinga, Moses Kuria has told him that he should consider going home for his time of politics is over.

Moses Kuria has also introduced a new idea that will see referendum a dead topic. According to Moses Kuria the amendments which Kenyans are pushing for will be presented to the Parliament. The legislatures will then execute the proposed changes instead of going for a referendum.

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