Top Comedian’s Advice To those who Celebrated Mothers On Social Media

May 11, was mothers day and as usual, people went all over social media to post lovely messages to their mothers, mothers of their children, and also mothers to be.

But how sure are you that your mother read that message you posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instastory, WhatsApp status, and many other social media platform?

The kind of generation coming up is too obsessed with the virtual life of social media such that we forget reality. Image result for mothers day

Everyone wakes up and because its mothers day we post messages that our mothers will never read.

Let us not lie to ourselves that all our mothers are digital. Some of them are in the villages where the network is an issue leave alone internet. In fact, we just have a few digital mothers, who can access Instagram.

So if you wished your mother a mother’s message over Instagram and you did not call or sent a gift, Jalango has a word for you. and this is what our own comedian Jalang’o says.

Jalang’o maintains that our mothers are on Mpesa but not on social media and a few hundred could have made more sense that a post on social media that will attract a million likes but your mother will never read it.

He captioned the message by nuggets of wisdom to social media lovers;

šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ Maybe my mother is old…But am sure mpesa will make her happier than a post on IG!

Jalang’o wrote on a light note.



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šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ Maybe my mother is old…But am sure mpesa will make her happier than a post on IG!

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If your mom is digital and you sent her wishes via social media and she read it, it’s okay. if she is not and you did it, please do something. Jalang’o has tendered his advice! the elder has

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