Did You Know 80% of Kenyans Send More Money On Mother’s Day In Kenya?

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Kenyans embraced the money transfer mediums and improved on them and perfected on them. At one time it was rumioured that PayPall had refused tansactions of more than USD$10,000 and above for Kenyans. However true that is, I had so many Kenyan confessions from people who were so close.

A new survey from leading online international money transfer service WorldRemit reveals how the estimated 3 million Kenyans living abroad celebrate their mums on Mother’s Day.

The just released WorldRemit survey of customers sending money to Kenya reveals that 80% of those who celebrate Mother’s Day do so by sending their mother money.

When asked who they send money to, 66% of those that responded said they send money to their mums in Kenya.

The survey also revealed that 44% of those who responded said they haven’t seen them for at least 2 years but 99% of those who send money to their mothers celebrate Mother’s Day.

Of those respondents who send their mom money for Mother’s Day, 84% also give their mum a call and 50% also send her a gift.

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