‘Be smart Enough’ Matiang’i issues More Huduma Namba Threats

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i has insisted that the government is not forcing anyone to register for Huduma Namba but Kenyans should be smart enough to recognise that the number is for their own benefit since it will improve service delivery.

We don’t want to force you to register, just like we cannot force you to take a Pin number at KRA. But you’re smart enough to know that if you are going to get services, you need to seek them in a manner that is more facilitative and faster.” Matiang’i said.

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‘We want to get an Huduma Namba so that when you go to a Huduma Center, your details can be accessed easily so that services can be provided. Why do you want to go the old age of using papers where services take weeks because looking for files is not an easy affair.

Matiang’i said that the government will not force Kenyans to register for the service but they should know it is a reasonable thing to do because it costs nothing and it is being paid for by their taxes.

Matiang’i has also insisted that the government will not extend the registration beyond the 18th May which has been set as the deadline. Those who will not have registered can do so at the Assistant Chief’s office who will be left with the kits.

More than 30 million have registered for Huduma Namba so far, which amounts to 65% of Kenyans and Matiang’i has asked Kenyans to register during the last week.

He said that the government is paying agents who are doing the exercise a 1000 shillings a day and extending it means they will need to spend more money which has not been budgeted for.

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Huduma Namba has been riddled with a lot of challenges, with Kenyans blaming the government for issuing threats and defying court orders. Kenyans also want to know how they will benefit from the multi-billion Project. Data protection law has also been a big talking point.

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