(PICTURES) How Kimilili MP is overworking


Didmus Barasa is known for his comedy stunts rather than his development agenda. He is the Babu Owino of the Tanga Tanga team. He will do anything to get the media limelight especially when it comes to defending Deputy President William Ruto.

But instead of the media focusing on what he is doing for Wananchi, they have decided to quote him on what he says about Raila Odinga and the handshake, which is just his other side.

Since his election, Didmus has embarked on an operation known as Ondoa Matope, this is a plan to remove all the mud-walled buildings from Kimilili Constituency, starting with schools and even people’s homes.

Recently, the MP decided to share pictures of what Operation Ondoa Matope has achieved so far. Well he says that they have managed to renovate some of the classrooms that were build during the 19th century. Check the pictures below.

Taswira inaweza kujumuisha: nje

Taswira inaweza kujumuisha: mti, anga, nje na asili

Taswira inaweza kujumuisha: nje

Taswira inaweza kujumuisha: njeTaswira inaweza kujumuisha: mtu mmoja au zaidi, nje na matiniTaswira inaweza kujumuisha: nje

Taswira inaweza kujumuisha: nje

Last week, a school in Kimilili was blown off by the heavy rainfall being witnessed across the country. The school reached out to the MP and he swang into immediate action. The roof is almost complete.

There was an uproar last week about the State of Mangororo Primary School in Ganze Constituency, where pupils are learning in flooded classrooms with no desks. Perhaps area MP Teddy Mwambire can learn a few lessons from Didmus, both of them are first time MPs. The difference is that Teddy is in ODM while Didmus is a sworn Ruto General.

There have been rumors that Didmus might vie for Bungoma governor in 2022. He might win the position early in the morning especially since the incumbent governor does not understand the meaning of development.


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