Betty Kyallo Appreciates Mother For ‘Beating’ Her -Happy Mothers Day

Image result for betty Kyallo,Her mom and daughterHappy Mother’s Day to all mothers!

Mothers day one of the most important days that comes once in a year where the most important people in our lives are celebrated…The mothers. Mothers are the reasons every one exists. Betty Kyallo Celebrates her mom by recounting how she used to discipline her through flogs.

Staying in a woman’s womb for nine months tells us how close our mothers are to us. By now you’ve known how much these people have loved you since day one. when it comes to labor, dont mention it…

Image result for pregnant mom in labour
A woman in labor

Well, It’s today and everyone is sending gifts and lovely messages to their moms. Of course, your gift cannot compensate for the love they have, but just a little present goes a long way. Betty Kyallo sents her mom a lovely message and a promise of some cash as a way of appreciating her

…Happy Mother’s day! Mpesa inaingia saa hii Kama stima…she wrote

Betty Kyallo, the renown media personality who is also a mother of one is celebrating her mothers day in two ways. First as a mother, and secondly as a daughter.

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Betty, who loves her mother as well as her daughter so much took to social media and sent two beautiful messages to both.

Bettys message to mother

Aki mum @ngiijulia si you know nakupenda Sana. Zile viboko zote ulinipiga na slippers, kuchunwa, zote zimenisaidia maishani.😘😘😘 Only that Ivanna amekataa kuchapwa lakini ni sawa tu.😋😋 Thank you for being the most amazing woman I know. 💃I love you. Happy Mother’s day! Mpesa inaingia saa hii Kama stima


Betty’s Message to her daughter for making her a mother

The real Mother’s day pic😂😂. She’s definitely the boss🤗🤗🤗. Ivanna kunipeleka mbio tu. I Love being her daughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Happy Mother’s day 🎉 to all mums 😘😘😘😘😘 #CaptionThis


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