Best Condom for those allergic to Latex

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Wearing a condom is one of the simplest ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases unless you have a latex allergy, in which case it’s the simplest way to make your D feel like it’s been dipped in hot wax. But even you with your pesky latex allergy can engage in safe sex by simply using non-latex condoms.

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Despite their name, lambskin condoms aren’t made from lambskin they’re made from a thin layer of lamb intestine, and as we previously wrote, they tend to have a more natural feel than polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.

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Lambskin condoms, however, have one major downside: “I don’t recommend these for sex play with new partners, because the intestine material used to make these condoms is permeable and could allow sexually transmitted viruses to be shared.

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Honestly, with the advent of the aforementioned synthetic condom options, these are pretty low on the list of things I’d recommend, and I only mention them in case none of the other options are viable.

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