Uhuru and I dont talk about Luos and Kikuyus, Raila

The Leader of ODM Raila Odinga has again called out at the naysayers who keep telling him that he has never been genuine with the handshake

While speaking as he hosted a delegation of politicians from Nakuru County at his Opoda home in Bondo the AU Envoy said that with President Kenyatta they never speak about tribes but the development of the Country as well as the welfare of Kenyans.

“[Uhuru and I] don’t talk about Luos and Kikuyus, we speak about all Kenyans. We want everyone to have an equal chance,”

In addition, he said, The only Kenya we have agreed on is a united and stable Kenya. We signed the Building Bridges Initiative to unite Kenyans.”

His remarks come a time when DP Ruto’s allies the Tanga Tanga movement has been accusing Raila of been a hypocrite claiming he agreed for the handshake for his own interest of winning the 2022 presidential race.


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