Emotions run high as Murang’a Women Rep. Sabina Chege wept uncontrollably in public

A surprise party by her supporters left Murang’a women Representative-Elect Sabina Wanjiru Chege speechless and could not back tears of joy upon stepping out of the Murang’a University hall where she was declared a winner.

Her supporters, led by Rosemary Mwihaki Makira, threw the surprise cake to Sabina and her team that were dressed on purple colors, a sign of royalty.

The cake that had her name and the number of votes she had garnered against her competitor Evelyne Waithera, moved Wanjiru to tears as her husband gave her a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

Makira was overheard through the microphone telling Sabina to stop crying and cut the cake first for the gathering to have a taste of her success.

Sabina who opted not to utter any word other than express her gratitude by placing both her hands on the chest as a way of appreciation.

Earlier, while receiving her IEBC certificate, Sabina reviewed some of the challenges she underwent during her campaigns, specifically pointing out the social media platform that was awash with rumours that she had been divorced by her husband Humphrey Gathitu Maina, with whom she cut the cake before leading in prayers.

The ‘Mama County’ also thanked her three children for supporting her as their mother throughout her political career.

She promised to serve all the residents of Murang’a County without fear or favour as the humble servant she had always been. .

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