You are sleeping with someone’s wife unconsciously

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Donating blood is a noble and selfless act: A single donation can potentially save up to three lives. However, there’s one complexity of blood donations that much of the internet seems stuck on and to have taken as a fact: At least some of that blood, they say, will end up in a bunch of boners.

That the blood they may have donated is currently in another dude’s boner.
By proxy, I’m sleeping with his wife!  This is a terrible thought, what if your girlfriend’s dad donated blood to you at some point when you needed it.

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But while this might be silly thought fellas, is it gay to give blood? The big question is, does donated blood really end up in the recipient’s boner, assuming the recipient is, in fact, a man?

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Blood circulates throughout the body, through every organ, including the penis in men as well as the vagina and clitoris in women.” So you’re not only supporting boners when donating blood, you’re maybe also helping women get off, which, as we may have mentioned, is a cause that could use the extra help.

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How much of that blood actually ends up in boners? Let’s do some crude math. The average blood donation is about one pint, and the average boner requires about 130 milliliters of blood to remain stiff.

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Since there are about 473 milliliters in a pint, when the recipient has a boner, assuming all the blood in the boner came from your donation, about 27 percent of your donated blood would be in his boner.

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