Fans in cloud 9 after Otile, Nabayet’s Reunion

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This is how it should be, breaking up and coming back together, see how sexy Otile sounds to Nabayet even after hey broke up a few days ago.

Otile brown broke introduced another babe to the world known as Nabayet; A lady from Ethiopia, after he parted ways with Vera Sididka

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The two were inseparable and they never allowed a day to go without posting a photo of each other.

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However, a week ago, things took a turn when both wiped photos of each other from their social media platforms sending a signal to the public that they were no longer an item.

Now, Otile and Nabayet are sending signals that they love after Nabayet posted a picture of her an Otile commended in a manner suggesting they are back.

Nabayet posted a picture and Otile commented saying,

My baby 

She replied to the comment proclaiming her love for him.

@otilebrown love youuuu

People have been watching their moves on social media and they celebrated their reunion so much. Take a look at the good wishes comments.

indeed she is so your baby love happy for u sanaaaa

@otilebrown very nice 👑king n Queen @otilebrown

@otilebrown love @nabbi__ bro,, usimwaje Tena kamwe.

she’s one of a kind, rare 💎 … she’s the woman God crested using your rib .. my prayer is for you two to grow old together….

😍😍😍😍😍😍 thank you Otile brown for this you two look good together please don’t part ways 🙏🏽

@otilebrown @nabbi__ we love you so so much ♥️♥️♥️

@nabbi__ as insta in-laws we needed this clarification😄😄😄😄we were almost getting worried 😂

Now that’s what i call sexy😘😍

Madam otile looking good

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