SOMETHING COOKING: Ochungulo Family and Ethic Crew in studio Together

Kenya’s most unconventional groups, Ethic Entertainment, and Ochungulo Family are finally in studio together.

‘Position’ crooners Ethic Entertainment who are renowned for kickstarting a new genre have seen great success with every track they have released since they started out in the music business in May 2018. Their most recent release ‘Pandana’ just surpassed the 1M mark in YouTube views and now it seems they have enlisted the help of the equally-talented Ochungulo Family for a new track.

Taking to Instagram, Ochungulo Family shared a video of the crew members vibing and jamming to music in the studio. The video shot in an undisclosed location has many speculating that the two groups could be collaborating on a new track. Describing their genre of music on the post, the Ochungulo group lead by Nelly The Goon termed their genre as ‘gengetone’, going on to describe themselves as the godfathers of new wave genre. The collaboration is a perfect fit and has been highly anticipated by fans.

As earlier reported by The Sauce, the track ‘Pandana’ that was released March 23rd, 2019, went viral and has grown in popularity becoming a fan favorite across the nation. And now, the 4-man group hopes to keep riding the high into a remix. Taking to Instagram, Ethic asked fans to suggest which artist they should collaborate with for a remix of the chart-topper.

Ethic Entertainment and Ochungulo Family have over 30k followers on Instagram combined. Ethic Entertainment’s YouTube viewership averages 1.8M views releasing 4 tracks since they burst onto the scene in May 2018. Ochungulo Family also have a great following with their average views of YouTube being 483K views. The collaboration between the two groups could usher in a new era; as Kenya’s new genre ‘gengetone’ takes on a life of its own.

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