Fundamentals of Starting a Business in Kenya

So you have been pondering on a gem of an idea and have been itching to get started but don’t know how, because all you have is the end but the beginning is hazy. To help you get on your way, we have outlined five pointers that will have you starting out in no time, these are:

Get the foundations and fundamentals right and your onto a winner with your business.

 1. Understand the ‘why’ to tolerate the ‘how’

The patience to deal with the process required to turn a dream into a tangible reality is already difficult, so make it an easier process by outlining the reasons why its worth the hustle. A lot of people will give up on their business idea because they got the motivation to keep going all wrong. You need a business that will make you feel no type of way if you slept really late or woke up really early because of something that needed doing.

2. Prioritise

So you know your business and everything that will take to make it work. Now the next best thing to do is list what needs doing, from highest to lowest in priority. Doing this will help narrow down your focus the right way.

3. Map out a plan

When you have set your priorities, map them out across in years, months, weeks, days and even hours where possible. This will help set ideal and realistic time plans. You will also be able to measure your progress, achievements and areas that need improvement.

4. Break it down 

The further you get into details of when, where, how and with whom, the better it will be for you and it will definitely lead you to hasten your progress.

5. Delegate responsibilities

Find people that you can enlist to help you with propelling your business idea. Set timelines of when each task should be completed and reported by. This will also indicate whether they are people you can work with for if they are slow then your idea will take longer to come to life. If they’re fast they will motivate you to work harder, and when starting out trust me you need more of them in your ear. It might be frustrating, but when it feels like that go back to what you outlined as your reasons as to why you’ve chosen to do this, and you won’t need to be told to tolerate the how.

Now, having read this get yourself a notebook and start implementing your ideas. Don’t look back!

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