‘Zari was jumping around with every man,’ Zari’s first lover revealed

Everyone has a past of good and bad moments of highlights and dull days.

Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan has been through some moments since she was a teenager but this did not come from her.

The man who says he discovered her, Rasta Rob MC spoke candidly to Uganda´s Big Eye. The man whose real name’s are Robert Ogwal said he helped the precocious teenager became what she is.

Rasta explained that he is the one who removed Zari out of the village when she was still green, young, cute and succulent. He said:

I met Zari around 1995. I was still at Sanyu at the time. I also worked with Soul Disco as DJ. Soul Disco used to play at Botanical Beach every Sunday. However, we were often hired by local promoters who used to host parties at Jinja Sailing Club.

He added that this was where he met Zarina:

It is here where I met her. She was among the girls who always came for the disco. She was in her teens… about 18 and extremely beautiful. She used to come to me, requesting for songs and it is here that I used my chance.

The DJ disclosed that he took Zari from Jinja and took her to Kampala with him. He, however, complained that she became wild when she got to Kampala. He said:

She was Jumping around with every man. I finally let go but she was my girlfriend for 3 years.

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