The Most Irritating types of Kenyan Women

types of kenyan women

I originally wanted to talk about the women that annoy Kenyan men but then I thought that this is not just about them. This is about human beings who are simply ill mannered, these types of Kenyan women are the types that simply ruin it for all other women. If you fall into any of these categories, please style up.

1. The one’s who like borrowing

This type of girl likes borrowing money, clothes and everything and will never return anything. She promises that she will return your things but we all know that she will never return it, it’s not in her nature.

2. The one’s who get drunk and dramatic

You go out with this girl and things get very dramatic. She ends up dancing with every guy, you have to keep following her to every corner of the bar plus she may even get emotional or get violent. Basically when she gets drunk you don’t know who you will get.

types of kenyan women
3. The one’s who talk about everyone 

Women like gossiping but then there’s one type of gossiper that is very dangerous. This type talks about everyone and at the same time she still talks to those same people. She doesn’t really have a stand, she will talk about her best friend and then go and tell someone else that she didn’t.

types of Kenyan women
4. The miss know it all 

She always thinks she knows everyone. She will probably even shush you so that she can talk over everyone, there are many Kenyan women who are stubborn and pretend to have knowledge and wisdom while we all know that all they have is air between their ears.

types of kenyan women
5. The “miss you steal your man” kind of girl 

This one is simply a very dangerous one. She always wants attention from every man, if you bring your father, brother or anyone else she will want their attention and throw you out of the window as soon as possible. She has no loyalty to you for any reason.

types of kenyan women
6. The one who is always competing with everyone

This type thinks that she is in some sort of competition with everyone even when really there is nothing happening. She is self absorbed and she will do whatever she has to do to get what she wants. She is dangerous because she will step on you if she has to just to get to where she wants.

types of kenyan women

Dear Kenyan women, please learn to uplift one another. Stop being your own enemies of progress, grow up, love yourselves and be better.

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