STRUGGLE IS REAL:Dating a Broke Kenyan Guy will drain you!

things you need to know before dating a broke guy

You need to watch Acrimony where the girl supported a broke man for so long encouraging him until she became this bitter woman. I won’t ruin the movie for you but the point is, staying with a broke man is not easy.

There are things you need to know before dating a broke man because it can turn you into a bitter woman.

1. Be sure that this is what you want 

You don’t have to be materialistic but you need to have a man who has a golden vision. Not just a vision but someone who acts on what he actually wants, if you’re the only one who is always focused and achieving your dreams and he is lazy, he will frustrate you.

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2. You’ll have a lot of sacrifices to make 

You will obviously not get the best things because he won’t have the money to afford it. On the other hand you may find yourself spending more money on him and sacrificing a lot more for him simply because he doesn’t have.

things you need to know before dating a broke man
3. He may leave you when he makes it 

Yes, many men have done it. You will build him up and be there for him when he has nothing then he will eventually get married to some other woman who was not there for the struggle.

things you need to know before dating a broke man
4. People say broke men are better in bed 

Because they have so much to prove about themselves. They will always compensate with good sex so that you don’t leave them.

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5. He may never get rich

This is just reality, he may never get rich because if he is broke because he lacks ambition, why would he work harder?

things you should know before dating a broke guy

True love is good, it is beautiful and honestly we all want that. But having a broke man is something you should think about clearly, for starters, he shouldn’t be using you for your money or what you can give him.

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