Senior Counsel Ahmednasir hints to Uhuru the easiest way to win war against graft

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi has hinted to President Uhuru Kenyatta the easiest way to recover all the property that has been stolen by state officials.

While supporting president Kenyatta’s war against corruption, Ahmednasir said that the head of state was doing the right thing in a wrong way.

He said the President has to revive lifestyle audit to ensure State officers suspected of graft account for their wealth.

Speaking during an interview with KTN News on a show dubbed Point blank, the lawyer said investigative agencies should start with auditing ownership of about 120 helicopters at Wilson Airport, which he claimed are owned mostly by politicians and some senior State officers.

“A chopper costs in the upwards of Sh200 million. Their owners should be tasked to explain how they acquired them against their known sources of income,” he said.

Uhuru had, last year, ordered a lifestyle audit for all State officers, including himself and his deputy William Ruto.

But the process failed to take off after Ruto’s allies claimed it was politically motivated, and was intended to stifle his 2022 presidential bid and not fight corruption.

Ahmednasir said the only way to win the graft war was through lifestyle audit that will occasion recovery of wealth fraudulently acquired by those in power.

“Let him (Uhuru) start with his Cabinet and say, this is your asset, and this is your salary … and you do not have a rich father. How did you acquire it? The onus will be on the person to explain and if they fail, the Government should recover the property,” he said.

“I told the President that Wilson has 100 to 120 helicopters owned by politicians. Why don’t you start with these helicopters because they cost about Sh200 million each,” Ahmednasir said.

Ahmednasir said the focus should also be on governors, some of whom he claimed are on a mission to amass wealth.

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