Mouth-watering millions UCL finalists have banked for reaching the top

The miraculous Tottenham comeback courtesy of Luca Moura and the double braces from Divock Origi and Wijnaldum made sure that two English teams meet for the third time in UEFA Champion League final.

None of the two comebacks was expected especially the Liverpool vs Barcelona one which had ended 3-0in the first leg but the story is totally different.

Both of their semi-final comebacks were priceless, but the accountants at Liverpool and TottenhamHotspur are sure to have been impressed with the efforts and Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino’s men this week.

Of course, you know by now that Klopp’s Liverpool overcame a 3-0 first-leg deficit to beat Barcelona 4-3 on aggregate at Anfield on Tuesday, and then Pochettino’s Spurs followed that up by scoring three times in the second half to beat Ajax on away goals.

Both will contest only the second-ever all-English Champions League final in Madrid on June 1, and while that gleaming trophy is the real prize, the money made along the way is a pretty good one too.

Numbers crunched by British released by a British blogger show just how lucrative the runs to the final have been.

He calculates that the Reds have made around £92.5million from reaching Madrid, which due to a huge increase in Champions League revenue is roughly £22.5million more than their run to the Kiev final last year.

They would earn an extra £3.5million for winning in Madrid, taking their total up to £96million.

Tottenham, meanwhile, is said to have earned just over £88million from their exploits, compared to £52.7million from reaching the last-16 last season.

They too would earn an extra £3.5million if they were to lift the trophy in Madrid. Those priceless comebacks will never be forgotten by both teams’ fans, and also their bean-counters.

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