Mike Sonko worth billions yet not known for any major investments

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Despite Mike Sonko’s threatening remarks towards nation media group that he is under EACC radar, Sources at anti-corruption agency reckon Governor Mike Sonko is under investigations over abuse of office, corruption and unexplained wealth.

In the televised interview, Sonko narrated his journey from grass to grace and attributed his success to hard work and determination.​ He stated that has never stolen from anyone and does not sell drugs.

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Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko has earned a reputation for splurging cash on the poor and is often moved to tears by the sight of Kenyans in distress.

But Josephine Wanjeri Thuku, his former girlfriend, claims the senator is not genuine. “He is in the habit of ambushing his former girlfriends at home with a pick-up truck and carting away all household items he had bought,” she claimed.

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Mr Sonko, who according to investigators is not known for any major investments, has been asked to explain the source of the monies he splashes around as well as his property including his Mua Hills residence in Machakos County.

The arrest comes hours after Mr Sonko appeared on NTV’s Sidebar Show on Tuesday night and denied the investigations.

Mike Somko’s matatu’s
Mike Sonko declared that he makes his money from real estate and the transport industry.

“I have never dealt in drugs. I have never been charged for any drug-related offence… I make clean money, I pay taxes,”

Senators Sonko said during a bare-it-all interview with nation TV.

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“You can make millions, even billions from real estate. And I owned matatus in Buruburu even before I got into politics,” said Sonko

About his controversial security detail which has been accused of displaying dangerous weapons & roughing up the public:

“Even in the Police Act, at some point, you are allowed to scare away your enemies,” he said.

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The Nairobi Governor paraded over 100 logbooks on national television to prove that his wealth was not amassed after becoming governor.

Sonko showed up for an interview on NTV’s Sidebar Show carrying a folder that contained over 100 logbooks of vehicles.

The ‘Sonko Rescue Team’ which has now turned to an NGO comprises of a fleet of H2 Hummers, ambulances, hearses and Land Rovers (Discovery) security patrol cars, Mercedes Benzes (New S Class Model) and Sonko’s personal bling-plated Land Cruiser which are availed freely for couples holding weddings

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