Kenyan men are special in very many ways.

questions kenyan men don't like being asked

Kenyan men are players, stubborn and quite entitled, does this have to do with the quality of women we have? Well it all depends on what you think but all in all I know that most Kenyan men are still very much in control especially of their women and these are the questions they don’t like being asked.

If you ask most Kenyan women about Kenyan men they would most likely cringe or give you a fierce look.

1. Where are we headed?

They will mostly leave you hanging. Kenyan men will tell you to wait and stop rushing him but he still wants the same benefits a person in a relationship would get. They will insist that you stop ruining the moment, make you feel bad for asking this question and tell you to let things flow.

questions kenyan men hate being asked
2. Do you have a baby mama or a girlfriend?

Most of them have one of the two but not all will admit. When you ask this question some Kenyan men will ask you in almost a very sad tone why you asked such a question. I mean it is your right to know from the word go so if he gets defensive just know he is hiding something.

questions kenyan men hate being asked
3. Why are you cheating on your wife?

Of course by then they have told you they have a wife but they still want you so badly. They act offended yet they are the ones who want to cheat, you’re not the one who is married.

questions Kenyan men hate being asked
4. Must we always go to club?

Kenyan men love their booze so when you try and detach them from the wild life they don’t take it lightly. Most Kenyan men are not very cultured, going for dinners and park dates are not their cup of teas they would rather meet in a bar or happy hour.

things Kenyan men don't like being asked
5. Why do you always have to be with your boys?

Their boys mean everything to them. So when you question their friendships it’s like you have questioned their marriage. When you start dating them you basically date their friends as well.

questions Kenyan men don't like being asked
6. Why were you mteja? 

They give you flimsy excuses every time you ask them why his phone was off or why he was not communicating as much as they should have or promised to do.

What other questions has a Kenyan made you feel stupid or bad for asking? You should never feel afraid of asking questions, it is your right and if he doesn’t like it, he is not a good guy.

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