Horror stories of how Samburu corruption is killing TB patients

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Samburu County residents are now living in fear due to lack of medicine at the Samburu County Referral Hospital even as Governor Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal is under investigation for stealing public funds.

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“I am suffering from tuberculosis, I have been coming here since Monday but there are no drugs, I’m not alone we are many, we don’t know what to do, we are afraid that we might succumb to TB or even spread this disease’ infection to other people,” a TB patient was quoted by Citizen.

Other patients are however hopeful that they will find relief even though they might be forced to begin the treatment afresh.

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“I was afraid that I might die but we are being told that we should have hope and we are hopeful until that day that the hospital will be supplied with TB medicine though we don’t know if we are going to be told to start treatment afresh upon arrival of the drugs,” one said.

Efforts to get a response from the hospital administration bore no fruit as journalists were even banned from entering the hospital.

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Security officers at the hospital said they have been instructed by their boss not to allow journalists within the facility failure to which they would be sacked.

This comes few weeks after Governor Lenolkulal was accused for using his own NGO to Siphon Samburu County Funds from World Food Programe have emerged.

From the onset of devolution, World Food Program (WFP) is said to have been paying Ramati, an Non-governmental Organization (NGO) owned by Samburu Governor Mr. Kasaine to distribute relief food at a rate of Ksh. 20,000 per metric tonne.

Annually, Samburu County received on average 5,000 tonnes from WFP.
Point of importance here, is that without knowing, WFP was paying for both distributions, relief donated by WFP as well as relief donated by the County Government Of Samburu.

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