Get Rid of that Baby Weight fast!

Losing baby weight has been a struggle for many mums. I have observed the likes of Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, and even our very local stars like This Is Ess who go through major weight loss transformations, and it got me wondering, even if I wanted to follow their diet and routine, I couldn’t phantom such ‘unrealistic’ expectations. A personal trainer! Nutritionist! maybe even lypo when it comes to some international stars! and all that’s out there wouldn’t be applicable to an African woman and our carb-rich diet. Where would you begin? All I know is that we’d be broke and packing on the kilos trying to fatten up our accounts.

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Thought I would share a few weight loss tips under the budget and super easy.

1. Get creative with your exercises options!

You don’t need to shell out a monthly gym fee to get moving. Instead, find fun activities you enjoy for free. If you’re just getting started with a regular exercise routine, try beginning with daily walks: start slow and build up time and speed. Other ideas for no-cost activity include jogging, hiking, dancing and simple strength-training moves like pushups. Or look for a free workout or yoga videos online.

weight loss, celebrity weight loss, weight loss on a budget
2. Double up on vegetables!

You don’t need those fancy veggies you find online, ati! asparagus for who? Our local markets are jam-packed with organic vegetables. From Sukuma aka our African Kale and other coloured greens. Vegetables are great for weight loss, as well as all-around health. They’re low in calories and high in water and fiber—two things that keep you feeling full. Save cash by shopping for those that are in season.

3. Eat Less

Yes, of course, eating less leads to weight loss—and cost savings, especially if you cut down on the right things. Start by cutting your portions of pricey meat and poultry. Or swap out meat and poultry for cheaper vegetarian proteins like beans, ndegu (lentils), and eggs for some of your meals. And if you’re eating out, eat half of the main course and save the other half for lunch tomorrow—an easy way to stretch your budget and whittle your waistline.

weight loss, celebrity weight loss, weight loss on a budget
4. Eat from home

Instead of dining out, and consuming high-calorie meals, cook your own at home. With a few good recipes and a shopping list, you can make your own delicious low-calorie meals. High-fibre foods like beans and whole grains, cooked from scratch, will keep you full and are a cheaper, healthier alternative to not-so-lean proteins and more-processed grains.

5. Keep Track of everything you eat

Studies show that writing down everything you eat helps you lose weight. You can use a notebook and pen or try one of the many free food-tracking apps. The key is to write down everything you eat…it’ll make you more aware of what you’re eating and rein in mindless snacking.

weight loss, celebrity weight loss, weight loss on a budget

Now you don’t have an excuse! Save your coins and try these budget-friendly options.

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