EACC detectives met with ruthlessness by city hall cartels

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EACC sleuths were last evening met with ruthlessness at the city hall offices in Nairobi when they went to arrest a county official accused of hiding crucial documents that would aid in an ongoing investigation.

Acting Nairobi County Secretary Ms Pauline Kahiga was arrested over allegations of hiding documents in graft investigations at City Halland whisked away to EACC offices.

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The drama lasted for several hours when a confrontation ensued between the police and security gourds who had barred the EACC detectives fro accessing the offices.

The fracas lasted for about an hour before the acting county secretary, who adoubles up as Devolution and Public Service Management executive, was finally arrested and driven to the EACC offices for grilling.

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Journalists who had arrived at City Hall were also not spared and were kicked out by the security guards.

EACC spokesperson Yasin Amaro confirmed Ms Kahiga’s arrest.

The county secretary is the heartbeat of all operations by the Executive.

Acting Nairobi county secretary Pauline Kahiga /COURTESY

The Acting Nairobi county secretary Pauline Kahiga has been put on the spot over her competence in the past.

Sources at anti-corruption agency reckon Governor Mike Sonko is under investigations over abuse of office, corruption and unexplained wealth. Mr Sonko, who according to investigators is not known for any major investments, has been asked to explain the source of the monies he splashes around as well as his property including his Mua Hills residence in Machakos County.

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This comes at a time when Sonko’s government has been queried by the Auditor General over financial malpractices and abuse of office.

Auditor General Edward Ouko in his 2017-18 audit findings said Sonko’s administration could not provide supporting documents for expenditures running to nearly Sh20 billion.

Ouko cited unexplained withdrawals, payments to contractors and unbanked cheques as some of the avenues that could have been exploited by the administration to misuse funds.

Pauline Kahiga, @NairobiJiji County’s Acting County Secretary, receives the #EndAbortionStigmaKE petition on behalf of Governor @MikeSonko. The County Government promises to reply within 14 days & convene a forum to hear the issue extensively. #KeepWanjikuSafe @MOH_Kenya pic.twitter.com/MAoDNc4rQB— KELIN (@KELINKenya) April 24, 2019

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