Being alone is not being lonely; The Biggest lie millennials are telling themselves to avoid socializing!

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From time immemorial, loneliness has been regarded as a trait prevalent among the elderly.

Perhaps this is due to the lack of mental and emotional support from their family? Or maybe most of their peers passed away?  

Whatever the case may be, loneliness is one human emotion virtually no one wants to be a part of. 

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, turns out the elderly aren’t the only ones becoming increasingly lonely these days. 

The rise of loneliness in the 21st Century 

In fact, the number of millennials experiencing the icy sensation of loneliness is increasing exponentially the world over! 

That’s right 

 Indeed, this study conducted by Cigna Health Insurance Company really sums up the current predicament of the millennial lifestyle. 

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Despite this, many a person will deny their state of loneliness, coining the epic phrase being alone is not being lonely as their last line of defense. 

While their might be some truth to that, one ought to dig deeper and discover the underlying definition of this proverbial phrase that’s been passed down from generation to generation.  

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The State of being alone vs the state of loneliness 

Here’s a classic case scenario. In nature, the leopard is no doubt one of the most exotic albeit secretive animals on the planet. One of its unique traits is that it is solitary.

In fact, it is nearly impossible to film a leopard in the company of its contemporaries lest it’s the mating season; or perhaps it recently entered the sanctities of motherhood. 

Despite this, rarely will you find a leopard in an ominous or depressed mood.

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In reality, the leopard will many times be lazing up a tree, waiting for the blazing savannah sun to spew its final rays of light while pondering where its next meal will come from.

Is it lonely? Definitely not. It is simply alone. A physical state. 

On the other hand, loneliness divulges into the emotional state of an individual.

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As social animals, human beings are preconditioned to have their contemporaries as part of their lives.

That is why there are nuclear families, extended ones, cities, and etcetera. 

Indeed, this is why a country will celebrate as one when they win the world cup despite the deep-rooted presence of ethnic and racial barriers.

It’s all about having a sense of belonging.  

Ideally, without the presence of others, the human being can only exist in the state of loneliness or being lonely. 

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Loneliness is a choice not a predicament 

For many, they believe their state of loneliness is a byproduct of unfortunate events that led them to their current timeline. People just don’t seem to like them.

However, from an observer’s point of view, is that really the case? 

One of the main reasons to a person’s current state of loneliness is their internal view of themselves.

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If they seem themselves unworthy of a decent conversation, socialization, or friendship, then it will most likely be reflected back to them. 

Alternatively, if one sees themselves as worthy, confident, fun, and a diamond in the ruff, then no doubt that is how the masses will treat you. 

A state of mind that can be altered 

So it is up to an individual to make a conscious decision today to go out there and start making new friends.

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Remember this, no one is born an orator, which is great for everyone! That’s because if oration was a talent, then very few people would be able to master the art of confidence.

You can opt to start small and make it an effort to find a new friend today. Just one. A little goes a long way!  

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